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Public Performance Art

BuskPGH is dedicated to bringing quality public performance art to Pittsburgh. As a project of the Pittsburgh Downtown Community Development Corporation (PDCDC), BuskPGH exists to enliven public spaces year-round in a responsible, professional manner. The PDCDC's goal is to offer Greater Downtown Pittsburgh a service that caters to performers, commuters, and community partners alike.


The BuskPGH registration is program specific. This means that you only need to register if you wish to play in the scheduled, regulated BuskPGH Performance areas. Registering with BuskPGH has its benefits but it is voluntary and in no way is it a requirement to busk in the City of Pittsburgh. Keep up to date with our Advocacy page under our Performer Resource for more information.

Know Your Rights

The best way to protect yourself is to be educated. BuskPGH is dedicated to bringing artists, audiences, and authorities the resources to protect themselves and their interests. Through resources and transparency BuskPGH hopes to shed as much light as possible on the act of public performance art in the City of Pittsburgh.